Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Non-Controlling Interest and Variable Interest Entity

Non-Controlling Interest and Variable Interest Entity
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2020
Noncontrolling Interest and Variable Interest Entity [Abstract]  
Non-Controlling Interest and Variable Interest Entity NON-CONTROLLING INTEREST AND VARIABLE INTEREST ENTITY
We own a 48.6% limited partner interest in Cheniere Partners in the form of 239.9 million common units, with the remaining non-controlling interest held by The Blackstone Group Inc., Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and the public. In July 2020, the board of directors of Cheniere Partners’ general partner confirmed and approved that, following the distribution with respect to the three months ended June 30, 2020, the financial tests required for conversion of Cheniere Partners’ subordinated units, all of which were held by us, were met under the terms of Cheniere Partners’ partnership agreement. Accordingly, effective August 17, 2020, the first business day following the payment of the distribution, all of Cheniere Partners’ subordinated units were automatically converted into common units on a one-for-one basis and the subordination period was terminated. We also own 100% of the general partner interest and the incentive distribution rights in Cheniere Partners. Cheniere Partners is accounted for as a consolidated VIE.

Cheniere Partners is a limited partnership formed by us in 2006 to own and operate the Sabine Pass LNG terminal and related assets. Our subsidiary, Cheniere Partners GP, is the general partner of Cheniere Partners. In 2012, Cheniere Partners, Cheniere and Blackstone CQP Holdco entered into a unit purchase agreement whereby Cheniere Partners sold 100.0 million Class B units to Blackstone CQP Holdco in a private placement. The board of directors of Cheniere Partners GP was modified to include three directors appointed by Blackstone CQP Holdco, four directors appointed by us and four independent directors mutually agreed upon by Blackstone CQP Holdco and us and appointed by us. In addition, we provided Blackstone CQP Holdco with a right to maintain one board seat on our Board of Directors (our “Board”). A quorum of Cheniere Partners GP directors consists of a majority of all directors, including at least two directors appointed by Blackstone CQP Holdco, two directors appointed by us and two independent directors. Blackstone CQP Holdco will no longer be entitled to appoint Cheniere Partners GP directors in the event that Blackstone CQP Holdco’s ownership in Cheniere Partners is less than 20% of outstanding common units and subordinated units.

We have determined that Cheniere Partners GP is a VIE and that we, as the holder of the equity at risk, do not have a controlling financial interest due to the rights held by Blackstone CQP Holdco. However, we continue to consolidate Cheniere Partners as a result of Blackstone CQP Holdco’s right to maintain one board seat on our Board which creates a de facto agency relationship between Blackstone CQP Holdco and us. GAAP requires that when a de facto agency relationship exists, one of the members of the de facto agency relationship must consolidate the VIE based on certain criteria. As a result, we consolidate Cheniere Partners in our Consolidated Financial Statements.
The following table presents the summarized assets and liabilities (in millions) of Cheniere Partners, our consolidated VIE, which are included in our Consolidated Balance Sheets. The assets in the table below may only be used to settle obligations of Cheniere Partners. In addition, there is no recourse to us for the consolidated VIE’s liabilities. The assets and liabilities in the table below include third-party assets and liabilities of Cheniere Partners only and exclude intercompany balances that eliminate in consolidation.
December 31,
2020 2019
Current assets    
Cash and cash equivalents $ 1,210  $ 1,781 
Restricted cash 97  181 
Accounts and other receivables, net 318  297 
Other current assets 182  184 
Total current assets 1,807  2,443 
Property, plant and equipment, net 16,723  16,368 
Other non-current assets, net 287  309 
Total assets $ 18,817  $ 19,120 
Current liabilities    
Accrued liabilities $ 658  $ 709 
Other current liabilities 171  210 
Total current liabilities 829  919 
Long-term debt, net 17,580  17,579 
Other non-current liabilities 126  104 
Total liabilities $ 18,535  $ 18,602