Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Leases - Future Annual Minimum Lease Payments (Details)

Leases - Future Annual Minimum Lease Payments (Details) (USD $)
Dec. 31, 2014
Operating Leased Assets [Line Items]  
2015 $ 35,912,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueCurrent [1]
2016 97,367,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueInTwoYears [1]
2017 109,500,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueInThreeYears [1]
2018 101,742,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueInFourYears [1]
2019 101,109,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueInFiveYears [1]
Thereafter 296,813,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueThereafter [1],[2]
Total 742,443,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDue [1]
Sabine Pass LNG, LP [Member] | Tug Boat Lease Sharing Agreement [Member]  
Operating Leased Assets [Line Items]  
Operating Leases, Future Minimum Payments Due, Future Minimum Sublease Rentals $ 16,300,000us-gaap_OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDueFutureMinimumSubleaseRentals
/ us-gaap_LeaseArrangementTypeAxis
= lng_TugBoatLeaseSharingAgreementMember
/ dei_LegalEntityAxis
= lng_SabinePassLngLpMember
[1] Operating leases primarily relate to LNG vessel time charters, land site and tug leases. Lease payments for Sabine Pass LNG’s tug boat lease represent its lease payment obligation and do not take into account the payments Sabine Pass LNG will receive from third-party TUA customers that effectively offset $16.3 million, or two-thirds, of Sabine Pass LNG’s lease payment obligations, as discussed below.
[2] Includes certain lease option renewals as they are reasonably assured.